Jerry N. Uelsmann Concept Prints

$10,000 USD

Studio Ramsdell has 4 extremely rare Jerry Uelsmann 11×14 concept prints from 1981 that are in exquisite condition. These concept prints have never been exhibited, trimmed, mounted or signed (Jerry typically signed the mount board and not the print); and as such the creative process can be seen in a way that his finished works conceal. Knowledgeable collectors will recognize the elements (kudzu forrest, tree, nude) and style of each.

While a student of Jerry’s at the University of Florida I donned a white jumpsuit and posed in front of a wall of kudzu in an empty lot in Gainesville. At the opposite end of the lot was Jerry with his camera and tripod. A few weeks later he gave me these prints in appreciation of my sweaty modeling job. 

Offers over $8000 will be considered.

Interested parties should contact